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Not gonna lie to you, am putting a lot of pressure on Reading… - Big Idea's From A Big Headed Person [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 14th, 2008|07:52 am]
Not gonna lie to you, am putting a lot of pressure on Reading Festival to sort me out this year.

Is worrying me slightly, as one of my majors issues in life is having too much expectation on something, building it up in my head, to the point that the actual event will never ever compare to the ideas I have in my head, sort of the Olsen Twins going to town on me like circus seals.

Reading has never let me down before though, and it is my most anticipated weekend of the year every year. Just that extra bit of pressure this year given the way I am currently feeling, and extremely low self esteem issues.

My brother phoned me the other night and we had a pretty much hour long conversation about it. Half an hour of which was us arguing over whether I am seeing the whole Slipknot set. If it doesn't clash with Pendulum, then yes I'll see it all. If it does.... chin up!

Have got five bands on a list of 'ones I am NOT missing':

Ten D

Pretty good line up this year, but I fear I may be getting even more commerical in my old age, probably due to the lack of any type of music television. I want to see basically every single band on the main stage each day, and only about 5 from elsewhere. Usually I am spread fairly equally, as I have an ear into the underground music, but not so now. Not that I don't like non commerical music, it's just none of the bands I like are playing!

Where my Mew at?

Still, on the brightside, it means I won't have to walk around too much. Camp at the main stage. Get high :)

Have vowed not to touch herbal high this year after last years fiasco. Don't get my wrong the day I spent tripped out on mushrooms believing I could control the clouds was fucking awesome... just missed an entire day of music, and then didn't feel right sunday!

Thankfully I think I have enough coke this year to last more than 1 day, esp if I don't give it out to random females in the hope that I will get to sniff their panties this year. Bitches, they snort about £50 worth of coke, and the best I get is a round of tonsil tennis off one of them!

In all honestly didn't really mind, they were awesome girls... just wish I hadn't run out! Am wondering whether they'll try and find us again this year. Spent a lot of time with them at last years festival, and I know they fucking loved hanging out with us (except saturday when me and Stirling 'looked as if we'd been to a funeral).

I reckon Jess will come see me. I hope. Be good to see her again, and she has been in contact a bit. No idea about the other two. Jess has been on about me making their camp fire for them. Looks like I'll be sending Sam :)

Still nervous about camping for the first time. But kinda excited at the same time. Be very cool not having to trek back to mine every night, and sitting their soaking up the atmosphere for hours after the music stops. Loved hanging out at my bro's campsite a few years back.

Just worried about sleep deprivation, shower deprivation, and people nicking my stuff!

Sharing a tent with Sam as well. A few days ago that would have worried the shit out of me. Thankfully I had a good chat with Sam a day or so ago and worked out our issues. Sorry, my issues.

Even though nothing really major was said, and no resolution to my problems, which I believe are incapable of being resolved were thought up... I felt better.

Was good to get my thought out in the open, meaning they weren't swirling around my head with a thousand un answered questions. Was also nice to trust Sam, and bring her into myself a little bit.

People do refer to us as brother and sister, and rather than being annoyed by that, I have resolved to be delighted with that. She's a great girl, and a great friend, and it's that we're this close. Never really had that many close girl mates. Mainly because I wanna sleep with any girl, but I feel good about this.

Right, better do some work as I've procrastinated for long enough.

But here's to Reading
To me camping for the first
For Rage changing my life
To getting high
To having the guts to talk to strangers and banging the crap out of some slutty bag of shit

[User Picture]From: isie
2008-08-14 05:34 pm (UTC)
I didn't realise you did so many drugs. And serious drugs too. :(
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[User Picture]From: isthisgrowingup
2008-08-15 06:37 am (UTC)
Only at Reading Festival my love.

Don't be thinking I am a big user! I'm not! Once a year at my go cray weekend!

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From: (Anonymous)
2008-11-08 03:59 pm (UTC)


Mate, that stuff you got me last weekend was awesome. Can you get any more? You're by far the best supplier I've found in the south of england. You're A legend. I love it when we do drugs together every weekend.
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