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(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2007|10:55 am]

It amazes me how many 'closet' Rugby fans there are out there.

The amount of people asking me whether I watched the Rugby or not is astounding. (Mainly women I have to say)

People who even as recently as the South Africa game as never even mentioned a sport to me before.

We're such a country of sheep.

All these people haven't watched a single warm up or qualifying game, suddenly talking like they know everything about the game and every player. But's it their blind optimism through ignorance that winds me up the most.

'We're gonna win it! Look how good we played against the Aussies' (shortened version of Australia to make them sound like they know their stuff). As obviously they never saw how awful we were in the 6 nations this year, and they are even oblivious to the South Africa game (cos they only watch when we are winning)

It was the same with the REAL world cup in 2006. Ignorant people believing everything they read in the papers and passing on opinions they heard somewhere, building up expectations ready for them to be melted like ants under a magnifying glass.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for a bit of country pride, but someone may tell me that England is number one in the world for child rapes, and I think would be just as likely to get my flag out and start waving it.

Too many opinions and views are born from blind ignorance. Unless you know what you are arguing for, or agreeing with. Just keep stum.

Now I am the first to admit I know nothing about Rugby. But admittidly if we do win it, I will applaud.

One thing I will never do is pretend to be a die hard rugby fan, and give you all my mal-informed opinions about why England's rugby team are the greatest in the world.

It's all pointless anyway. The high from winning the rubgy world cup will sweep this country for about 2 days max.

The high of winning in '66 is still going through the nation. Even those not born at the time (such as me self) claim a share in the glory.

Wow, we regained the ashes. No one under 70 cares. We won the rugby world cup. People struggle to name 3 players in the team (everyone get's Wilkinson and Johnson... no one else). We won gold in some sort of running event. Nation makes cup of tea and forgets.

So until the equivalent of the Jules Rimmet returns to these not so sunny shores, why doesn't everyone just shut up with their attributed glory they know nothing about, and watch the premiership so that when the big tournament finally comes around, they can actually makes informed decisions into whether England are amazing.

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(no subject) [Sep. 18th, 2007|09:24 pm]
I'd well do Marge Simpson.
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I'm On Top And You're Trying To Stop Me Now... [Sep. 17th, 2007|10:21 am]
[feeling? |amusedamused]
[sound? |Sunshine Underground - Raise the Alarm]

I came into work today to an email from one of my old bosses at ILVA.

You don't understand how much I loved working there. I loved the work, and loved the people in the office so much it meant that when I woke up in the morning, my first thoughts were never 'shit... gotta go to work today!'

I got made redundant there 4 months ago after they moved the AP function to Denmark.

I was devastated. But turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Got a new job in an accountancy firm, and everything is going great here. Loving the more advanced job I am doing, and they are even paying for and organising my AAT study.

Well today they emailed to tell me that they were making changes again, and the AP function was moving back to England, and wanted to ask me back before advertising a posistion.

It killed me to, but I had to turn them down.

Despite the fact that I'd kill to be working with Lucy, Mei, Richard and Mark around me again, as me Dad so eloquent put it. ILVA was a job. Tenon is a career.

I hate money. If money wasn't an issue in life, I'd be back there in a heartbeat. But money basically rules 90% of the decisions in your life. And it's not even that ILVA would offer me less money, it's more the fact that where I am I have the chance to earn more money when I am older.

But I guess it's a sign of the times for myself. I'm not a kid anymore. And where all I want is money to be able to go out drinking with my mates, to the gigs I want to, and the DVD's I wanna buy, that's not good enough anymore.

Rather than living in the moment like I have done all my life, I had to start living for, and preparing for the future. As those dreaded three M's gets closer every day:


They may be a long way off still, but with people around me now starting to do those things, it gives you the wake up and makes you think of these things.

On a related topic, been invited to my Nephew's Christening next month.

Haven't decided whether to honour him with my presence however, after being told I had nothing to do, as I was overlooked for Godfather. Livid! ha ha!

Of course what Mo doesn't realise, is that by picking Joe and Shaun, he has jinxed them, and much like mine and my brothers godparents who weren't family, will lose interest and dissapear after 2 years.

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We'll all look the same someday... [Sep. 10th, 2007|10:11 am]
[feeling? |tiredtired]

I've been feeling awful, and guilty and like a fucking coward ever since. I just froze. Watching it all, too scared to make a sound or do anything. I know there was nothing I could do, and that doing anything would just have resulted in my leaving the shop in an ambulance, but I still feel like a selfish, coward twat. If the big guys friends hadn't have been there to pull him, I don't know what would have happened. Anything could of, and all I'd have done was watch it.

I've been fucking hating myself ever since for that.

Was replaying the whole incident in my head all afternoon. Thankfully I had a nice evening planned to get it off my mind, and stop my heart from continually racing.

Met up with Jess that evening for what can only be described as a date, despite my insistence for the last week to all my friends that it wasn't.

Was good though, met up at 5, and went or drinks. Next thing I knew it was 9! Felt really comfortable and relaxed with her, which I very rarely do on first dates. Found out more about her, seeing as the only thing I knew before was her music taste, and liked all I heard.

We ended up at 9:30 going to meet a couple of her friends who she was going on holiday with in the morning. They both seemed very nice... but I do know fear what they will be getting up to on holiday together.

I finally said goodbye at about 10:30, kissed her goodbye, and wished her a nice holiday.

She's not going to be back in Reading till the end of Sept, so I won't get to see her again till then. So I guess it's the waiting game now, hoping to see what happens.

I finally got to bed at 11:30, a little bit drunk, and then proceeded to sleep AWFULLY.

Therefore I am tired, fuzzy and very irritable today!

Up-coming events to look foward to:

Think my bro and emma are coming to Reading next weekend. So it'll be good to see them. (by them I mean Harrison)

Dave and Jessi returning as the married couple from America. Obviously can't wait to have Unit back, but very much looking forward to meeting his wife. I have to believe she must be fairly awesome if Dave decided she was worth marrying!

Football next sunday. Gonna have to prove myself amid all the competition for places. Wouldn't be surpirsed if Sitling decides to Bench me for this week to be honest though.

Jess returning to Reading end of September.

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Is This, The Way A Toy Feels, When It's Batteries Run Dry??? [Aug. 29th, 2007|09:07 pm]

2. Brand New (Friday, 21:20)
This is fist-clenching, warbled rock for angst-ridden teens and ill-adjusted adults. The music is dull and repetitive. The singer sounds like he is about to cry, but the blandness of the music completely fails to explain the anguish in his voice. This renders the vocals false and lifeless, making the intended uplifting choruses flat and limp.

Listening to Brand New makes you wonder if your ears need examining, not only to repair the damage 45 minutes of miserable, fake-punk has done. Also to check they are working correctly because, incredulously, people are enjoying this! The person to the left is so emotionally involved that their make-up is running. His girlfriend is enjoying it too. To complete this horrible scene, the singer has a tendency to roll on the floor screaming. For future reference, this isn’t exciting or innovative – it’s plain annoying.

This reviewer will be woken by a brick to the face, swiflt followed by a tea bagging from the ugliest fattest man I can find on the streets.

What a twat.

Brand New - Musical Genius: FACT!

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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2007|07:25 pm]
My face is so sunburnt and rough that I just had to put moisturiser on.

It's not this that upsets me.

More the fact that I had moisturiser in my apartment.
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Reading Festival 2007!! [Aug. 27th, 2007|06:48 pm]
Ticket: £155
2 grams of Coke: £100
Warm watered down beer: £3.10
‘Jumbo’ hot dog: £6
Poppers: £5
About 10 packets of Fags: £50
Greatest weekend of the year, with your mates, having some of the most memorable times you ever will: PRICELESS.

Festival festivities began on the Thursday as always. Despite tickets selling out online in under 15 minutes, my faith that they would sell them on the door was inevitably fulfilled as we turned up at around 10ish pm on the Thursday to buy our tickets. Face value, without pre-booking, and postage costs - thank you very much.

There had been a lot of rumours about the festival being cancelled due to freak flooding in the tri-state area. I whole heartedly believe riots would have ensued had this been the case, probably lead by myself. But ticket were bought, and we went to get our festival wristbands. I know I exaggerate a lot, but the queue was longer than the Nile, so we foregoed that pleasure until the morning.

Thursday usually means ‘Frog’, the warm up night in rivermead for myself, but given’s Scurr’s insistence to get home for Heroes, and Stirling’s retarded decision to go into work on Friday, despite booking the day off, we headed home for an early one in preparation for all the getting involved that we were on the brink of.


Music kicks off at 11:30. Scurr came round mine at about 2ish. I would have been annoyed at missing out, but given the fact that they only had toilet like the gossip playing that afternoon, I wasn’t too bothered. My emotions turned to relief when I heard later on that the human whale that is the lead singer of the gossip though the best way to get people into her music was to basically strip all her clothing off, revealing her fat lunar eclipse known as her ass.  I’m sure after 2 days of drinking people were probably feeling sick enough.

Me and Scurr started casually, wondered about a bit, eyed up the frippette, drank, and got high of copious amounts of coke. First band we actually saw were Aiden on the NME stage.  I can’t feel I can comment on their performance, only thing I can remember thinking was ‘Heavy.’

In between bands was the usually, find a group of women, and sit near them in an attempt to strike conversation. Our first effort was in vain. Instead, where we were sat, all we attracted was the conversation of 2 random blokes. One of whom kept going on about this band Good Shoes who were on tomorrow, and one who had peaked ‘a little early’ seeing as it was only about 3:30. I would have been livid with this outcome, apart from their generosity to pass me and Scurr the HUGE joint they had just rolled.

I believe we chilled out and watched the Horrors (WWWWWHHHHOOOOO???) before getting epicly bored of their generic, every song sounding the same shit.

Scurr was determined to get a hat of some sort this weekend, so wondered round some stalls, and I bought some poppers to kill time before Jimmy Eat World came on the main stage.

The usually set up was on again, sit somewhere near the stage where we could easily access some festival frippette.

I feel I should take this time to mention the festival frippette.

Don’t know if it was the good weather, or just the fact that I am older and a lot less subtle about staring at women, or probably the fact that I spent most of the weekend with Scurr and Andy, 2 of the worlds biggest walking hard on’s. But FUCK ME, so many fit women. I know that if you get 100,000 people in one field, there’s likely to be a few there you’d sleep with, but this was ridiculous. Basically at very point, in your eyeline were at least 4 girls you’d stab your best mate in the face just to touch.

Think the weather was a key factor. Was very muddy, due to the flooding recently, but also ridiculously hot. Meaning: Wellies, short skirt/hot pants, bikini top. Awesome. Dunno what it is about girls in wellies, but they pull em off! Any bloke wearing wellies = dodgy looking twat of a farmer, girl in wellies = fuck yes! Though this though did bring up the conversation of fucking a girl in wellies. Not really the same as asking her to leave her high heels on now is it!

Anyway, the thought of  women has made me digress. Me and Scurr set up camp next to these three girls near the main stage, and immediately I saw our way in. They were smokers.

Hiding my lighter very subtly in my pocket, I asked one of them if I could borrow a light. How it happened from there I am not very sure, but mine and Scurr’s hyperness and ability to pull fun out of any situation, probably due to he amount of coke and poppers we had, and our willingness to share the afore mentioned drugs meant that they three girls became our new best friends.

Alex - blonde very hyper.
Looey - Ginger, mellow but cool.
Jess - brunette, who I couldn’t really make an opinion on at first, as she was sat down while we were chatting, and seemed to not be a big fan of me an Scurr getting involved with them at all. I later learnt that she had also peaked a bit early, and needed ‘a time out’ ha ha!

Jimmy Eat World came on, proceeding by a lot of jumping, wooing, and general exctidness on our behalf. They played all the classic’s; Bleed American, Get It Faster, Pain etc etc, and were very enjoyable.

Next up were Maximo Park. I watched them last year, but left before the end, so missed Apply Some Pressure, the only song I actually wanted to see them for, just was looking forward to it. The new stuff was awesome. Books from Boxes and Our Velocity (even if is nearly a carbon copy of apply some pressure) were both good, and I finally got to hear Apply Some Pressure, which I called my brother during, I thought to give him a treat, but apparently my actions were ‘rubbing in his face that he wasn’t there’ Ungrateful cunt.

As soon as Maximo finished we all made a darting run the NME stage to catch the end of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. (best name ever)

I became known as the ‘one band per song man’ for most of the day, as I kept listing who I wanted to see, but then list that I only wanted to see them for one song. I was lucky throughout the day, as I got to hear all those songs.

We caught the last 2 get cape songs, the final one being Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager. The one I wanted. A rousing chorus of BAH DA BA BA DAH and I had a tough decision:

Interpol on the main stage, where the girls were heading. Or Enter Shikari, probably  number 2 on the list of bands I really wanted to see that weekend on.

Well I took a gamble, and listened to my cock for once. The main stage it was. Plus, I did really wanna see Evil by Interpol (the one song) so it was all good.

Stirling had finished work and just about joined us during Interpol. He was very impressed with our work:

3 of us, 3 of them. Scurr was already trying to mark his terrority and was all over Alex like a rash. Despite the very flattering text he had sent me only 15 minutes earlier very subtly while no one noticed of:


I’ve always gone for the subtle approach to pulling girls, is probably why I rarely do it, but if it avoids the subsequent humiliation and frustration Scurr apparently gets on a common basis, and I am more than happy.

Anyway, Jess had peaked up now, and after talking to her a lot, I not only found she was hot, but actually really cool as well. In fact all 3 girls were really cool. A good laugh, a good sport, and quite similar to three of us. Makes me think how fortunate we were, that of all the girls at the festival, we ended up hooking with these ones.

Interpol were good. Evil was epic, one of the best bass lines ever. Slow Hands rocked, and that one about the couches was good! Lol.

Despite my pleas of how boring they were the last time I saw them, the generally consensus was that we were to stay for Kings Of Leon up next.

I can’t remember much of them due to our continual chatting about bollocks and our persistent need to stay as high as a kite, esp. with Stirling playing catch up. A decision on Saturday we were to regret. I do remember On Call though, which was good, but mainly due to our continually yelling of BE THERE!!! At the top of voices when prompted to do so.

It was half way through King Of Leon that Scurr in his subtle way picked Alex up on his shoulders and ran her to the front. We basically wrote them off from there. No point in asking Scurr to do anything when there is a girl in the middle, as he will inevitable follow his dick. But who cared. I was pumped, and having a fucking good day, as was everyone with me.

The next band on the main stage were the headliners, Razorlight, and given my insistence that I would rather rip of my own bollocks than watch that twat of a lead singer prance about on stage with his shirt unbuttoned down to his ankles, and the fact that the band I was most looking forward to all weekend Brand New were coming on the NME stage, I was fully prepared to go off on my own to see them, as Andy had no inclination to see them.

To my surprise and delight, Jess said she also wanted to see them. Given that she had never heard their stuff before, and was just going on recommendations, I can’t help but wonder whether she decided to go see them as a way to be alone with me. But given that’s what happened, I didn’t complain.

We left Andy and Looey to it half way through Kings of Leon, and walk off in the dark to fight our way to the tent. I tentatively grabbed her bag strap in an effort not to lose her, but taking the lead, as every girl has always had to do with me at the beginning, shook my hand off her bag, and grabbed it with hers.

We got to the tent, and using the over flowing crowd as the perfect cover, held onto her tight for the entire show.

Brand New were incredible. Is so hard to describe their sound. As it’s very unique at the moment. Tried to tell Andy afterwards, that if Brand New were a film, they’d be Lord Of The Rings, as their sound is epic. The only played off their new album, which disappointed a little, as I’d have loved to hear, sic transit gloria, the quiet things, or seventy times 7, but that only a thought that occurred to me after the show, as I was transfixed throughout it. Every song was met with my screams and chanting of words, which must have been miraculously in key, as Jess didn’t seem to try to back her ears away from my mouth at all! Ha ha!

It wasn’t until Jesus came on though that I hit the heights. Probably my least favourite song on their album was ironically the moment when I pulled Jess.

After the gig, we met up with Andy and Looey outside the Lock Up tent. Unfortunately I had made the foolish mistake of leaving the coke with them.

Given that none of us had ever really taken it before, apart from me on one occasion when my bro gave it to me 2 years ago, I thought not only would 2 grams see us all through the weekend, but that we’d probably have some left by the end.

Fuck me was I wrong. Gone. All gone.

Some might say that our decision to be so generous with what technically was £100, and our willingness to snort it like air during the day was a dreadful one. But end of the day, we had a great day, had been buzzing since 3, and were hyper as fuck it did it’s job.

We chilled out for a little bit while Scurr and Alex were still AWOL. When I got the text:

No Luck? You?

Classic Scurr. I tactfully didn’t reply. The full story behind his no luck didn’t come till later, and had to pieced together by about 4 different people on both sides of the event.  Alex has apparently received a text from her boyfriend just saying, remember your taken (possessive much) and gone from hyper to - pissed off her mates had deserted her for some random blokes (me and andy) Never thought to point out that her and Scurr had actually run off and ditched us, but hey.

They met up with us, and they both brightened and hype red up. Jimmy Eat World were already half way through their second set headlining the Lock Up stage at this point, so we decided to wander in and give it a listen, given our other choices were Ash… seriously STOP PLAYING THE FESTIVAL!!! And Gayzorlight.

For some reason Jimmy seemed to be only playing mellow stuff. Fair enough, they had to change the set seeing they had already played, but I thought they’d have down the mellow one first. They did end with Sweetness and Pain though, which we got involved with.

With the music finished we headed back to the girls campsite.

Not sure how, but me and Jess ended up 10 minutes ahead of everyone else. It confuses me even more that we got their first seeing as we seemed to stop every 5 steps to steal oxygen from each others mouths.

Unfortunately these girls were clearly camping amateurs and had no fire wood for a camp fire. A guy in their site kept just lighting fire lighters and watching them burn, which provide about as much light and heat as the moon.

Scurr fucked off home early, probably due to his frustration at his decision to chase after the taken one. Something he’s becoming known for. Have horrible thought of him coming home and banging one out in my apartment to get over it.

My and Stirling hung around, chatting shit. Stirling decided to give a very in depth run down of Braveheart, his signature piece if you will, before I felt my bed screaming for me, and we headed home.

Bands seen:

The Horrors
Jimmy Eat World
Maximo Park
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
Kings Of Leon
Brand New
Jimmy Eat World


I woke to the unfortunately familiar site of Andy dozing next to me. Scurr had to fuck off early to see his parents or summit, so me and Andy stumbled down on our own.

Quick stop at the corner shop for some vodka and Lucozade, and the day was off to a good start. God bless the festival. The only time it is acceptable to drink hard spirits at 10am.

I know I tend to exaggerate, but given that it was hotter than the sun out that day, both me and Stirling decided we would parade our Adonis bodies all day, and proceeded to walk around topless. A decision I would later rue.

First band we went to see was the first on the Carling Stage. Stirling had been banding on about seeing band with comedy names all Friday, so to ‘Pete and The Pirates’ we went.

They sounded alright. But I’m hardly gonna rush out and get their album.

I returned the favour by dragging him to see Paramore. I was hoping their incredibly fit lead singer would follows the Gossips lead singers example and get naked on stage. I was left disappointed and subsequently frustrated. After seeing how toilet the band were we went and chilled by he NME stage. We caught a bit of a band called Dogs. Unfortunately they were the dog shit, rather than the bollocks.

It was at this point that me and Stirling felt fairly low. After the amount of coke the day before, we were inevitably feeling a lot les hyper and excited, and wanted to do some about it.

I then had what I thought was the greatest idea ever. I know… lets do a herbal high, might give us a buzz.

We bought three hallucinogen tubes for £10. Given that they were that price, and ‘herbal high’ I assumed they would do next to nothing. The bottle said to take 2 every 30 mins (6 in a tube) We started with 3. 10 minutes later when nothing had happened, and we were getting bored we took 3 more.

We felt nothing for an hour. And kept wondering about claiming ‘where my trip at??’

Scurr turned up around nowish, while we were chillin out as the Noisettes were playing. We convinced him to do the other tube, but do 6 at once, as they did nothing. It was at this point we just got really tired. Stirling fell asleep on my leg in the gay way he tends to do, and I just laid there with my eyes closed. We woke 20 mins later, livid that all these pills did was send you to sleep, when it promised a buzz!!

It was at this point we noticed Scurr couldn’t move. Like properly. He went green, and said he was gonna be sick any second. \he kinda writhed around a lot, and moved about like a beached leper. So entertaining was his efforts to stand that a queue of people were waiting and watching for him to finally make it to his feet.

This should have been a warning as to what was to come. How naïve we were.

Scurr was up and we went walking to find Bailey. It was in this panicy walking that we lost Scurr. We found Bailey. And then miraculously stumbled across Scurr  huddled over a bin.

He had just thrown his insides up. This sounds awful, but fuck me was he the lucky one. It was at this moment, that the trip I had been calling for all afternoon starting to kick in. We settled somewhere outside the main stage, and I was then unable to stand. Head spinning, not knowing where I was.

I remember lying their and just hearing the Shins caring is creepy, and thinking for a split second, ah the shins are on, I wanna see them.

Unfortunately, despite my protests, people kept making me move. And to my lividness, Stirling seemed fine! We stumbled to the NME to see Pigeons Detectives, and then immediately back to the main stage, which made me livid.

But through all this, I still thought, that this was only because we took too much, and Scurr, who was now fine, had come out pretty quickly of feeling sick, and I’d be fine in 30 mins or so.

We then went looking for the girls from Friday, and found them in front of the main stage.

I tired to engage in conversation, but failed miserably, and just couldn’t get a grasp on reality. To my relief Angels & Airwaves came on, a Band I really wanted to see, so I stood up, and stared at the stage determined to force myself out the trance I seemed to be in. I was not to know this was only the beginning!

I couldn’t concentrate on the stage at all, and despite my willing my legs to work, all I wanted to do was lie down and stare at the sky.

So I did. I wasn’t to raise again until about 8pm. Keep in mind it was now about 4pm.

It was then I realised what I had done. Effectively taken mushrooms. Which, of course, are herbal anyway!  To my relief, it had now hit Andy too, and we spent the afternoon lying next to each other, talking absolute bollocks, such as my disbelief the world didn’t have a lid on it, how time wouldn’t exist with us, and how golden his hair was.

I was watching things move and vibrate, that my rational mind knew couldn’t be, I saw spots flashing up and down my arm, and Andy’s hair glow and glisten.

At one point andy decided we just needed food. Worst decision ever.

I know I exaggerate a lot but I think it took me 12 hours to eat that burger. Scurr claims he thought it actually got bigger at once. In fact the only thing the buger provided was something new to stare at and watch move, glow, and change in my hands. Eating was hard. I’d chew one bit for about 20 minutes, as I’d be distractedly starring at something else, and not even think to swallow.

I remember bands being on. In fact I remember Panic! Playing martyrdom, and bloc party playing helicopter, but only milli seconds of songs. As soon as I noticed a song was on, but thoughts would lead elsewhere, absolutely racing, and all thoughts of bands playing, or even where I was completely gone from my head.

Sounds like a really horrible experience, but there’s a reason people do mushrooms. The trip is fucking fantastic. And I’m not gonna lie, I was fucking loving every second while I was under. Staring at the sky, contemplating whatever ‘philosophical’ issue came in my head, an I know I had a huge smile on my face non stop.

It was coming out which was horrible. Once you’ve been that high, seen colours you never noticed before, and taken the world in on that amazing platform you are on, afterwards everything is just low. And there’s nothing you can do.

We met up with the girls at around 8ish just as Arcade Fire were playing. Alex and Scurr went off to watch them, while me Jess andy and Looey went to see Biffy.

I enjoyed Biffy, 57 was awesome, and living is a problem was great, I just couldn’t get in the spirit. And Neither could Andy. Scurr was fine all day by the way, after throwing the shit out of his system. We sat about, boring as everything with Looey and Jess who must have been bored out of their mind, while me and Andy stared in blank space, seemingly disappointed that nothing was moving anymore.

Alex turned up just before We Are Scientists, took one look at me and Andy and just asked: God what’s wrong, you look like someone just died!

(she apparently felt bad about this the rest of the night, scared that someone HAD just died.) ha ha!

Me and Andy stayed for We Are Scientists, I really wanted to hear Nobody Move, and again, loved it. But couldn’t even bring myself to move/smile/talk!

The girls were going off to see the chilis and I decided my day was over. I couldn’t snap out of the funk I was in, and I was gonna go to bed early in an attempt to save Sunday. Andy agreed.

We walked through the campsite hearing the Chili’s in the distance (who were apparently shit anyway) and went home.

We snuggled up on the sofa and watched Match of the Day. The went to bed.

Not really sure how I feel about the day. As I had the time of my life while I was under, but then HATED the rest of the day. Plus the point of the festival is to see bands, and while I wear milli seconds snippets, we had wasted the day.

But as I said to Stirling, it was a fucking funny day, a good story to tell, and made for a very memorable weekend! Kinda love the contrast of our 2 days as well. Hyper as anything all Friday, mellow as anything all Saturday.

My only worry was that Alex, jess and Looey were mad at us for bringing them down, not being fun, and ‘ruining’ their day. Thankfully my fears were paranoia… probably brought on my side affects of that fucking herbal high! Ha ha!

Bands seen:

Pete & The Pirates
The Noisettes
Good Shoes
The Shins
Pigeon Detectives
Angels & Airwaves
Panic! At The Disco
Bloc Party
Arcade Fire
Biffy Clyro
We Are Scientists


After Friday being all about meeting the girls, and Saturday being all about us being about us being monged off our tits, and I decided to make the Sunday about the music, and getting generally involved in the festival as a whole.

This plan was immediately tarnished when I woke to find that my decision to take my t-shirt off all day was even worse than that to take herbal high.

I’ve got very Mediterranean skin, and have never worn sun tan lotion in my life. I’ve never burnt and always had a nice tan.

I woke bright pink. And in agony.

To make matters even worse, andy in our fucked state had written NYB on my chest, in our attempt to promote our fake band ‘new York blackout’

I had, and still have, a very clear NYB still imprinted in my chest where the sun couldn’t get to due to the pen.

I rung my mum and asked her how to deal with sunburn, given that she is permanently rosy. Her suggestion was to cover myself in yoghurt. This wasn’t gonna happen. Therefore I had to grin and bare it all day. She did have a good laugh at my exploit’s the day before however, and called me an idiot. My mum having witness most of the effects of drugs (not first hand I hasten to add) lectured me on why herbal high was a bad idea. Where was she the day before hey! Lol!

Anyway, I was on detox all day, so no drinks on the way to the festival, as me and Andy decided we were gonna have the best day ever. And I tell you what, it wasn’t half bad.

We camped at the main stage to being and watched the inevitable movie of the week bands they always have on. Gym Class Heroes were first. They were boring, and no one really cared till they played cupids arrow. We did however meet Dan’s ex girlfriend Louise and her mates, the first of many random encounters that day.  She was a good laugh. Even better at pointing out hot girls than me and Andy were, and was entertaining finding out what we’d all been up to. Even more entertaining telling her about Dave getting married. Love finding people that don’t know!

Hellogoodbye were next. Same sort of thing, no one cared till they played In Your Arms, but to be fair the ENTIRE crowd were dancing about to it. Good summer anthem. My dancing however did draw gay comments from Louise boyfriend!

We rushed off after that to see the end of Hadouken! Again, all I thought was heavy.

Then again a rush back to see Billy Talent, who I was very excited for. They didn’t disappoint, played all the classic, and worked the crowd well.

It was at this point that Louise, ‘peaked a bit’ early, and needed to be carried off to be sick! Lol.

We said our goodbyes, and headed to the NME to see the Sunshine Underground. On our way we saw Dave’s friend Becky, who it took us about 30 seconds to recognise after she had run up to us. All we really god to say to her was, can you believe Dave’s got married, and then we were off. When me and andy both commented that we’d love to root her.

Sunshine Underground were amazing. Borders was probably my song of last year, and it was epic live. But ive never been a huge fan of the rest of their album, but it well good live.

We met up with Bailey and Scurr after this, and found the girls. Me and Andy made our apologies for the state we were in the day before, and they accepted, and admitted they were pretty knackered and out of it yesterday anyway which was nice.

I was very keen to spend as much time with them on Sunday, seeing as it was our last day at the Festival, and there were no guarantees we would see them again, and as I said, they were all really cool girls.

This did bother Bailey though. Guess I understand it, he came with a girlfriend and just wasn’t interested in any women, and just wanted to hang out with his mates… and that wasn’t really possible the day before.

So me, bailey, west and Scurr went to see another of Andy’s choices of bands: The Cancer Bats.

Yes, ok, comedy name. but… WORST BAND EVER! So heavy and shit I am fairly certain I got cancer just from watching them. Needless to say, we didn’t stay long.

Nought much was on, as I didn’t wanna see Funeral, given that their new album is as soft as jelly. So bailey and west went to see them, while me andy and Scurr went to chill by the NME stage.

We caught the end of the Maccabbes, and waited for Cold War Kids, who had come highly recommended.

Whoever recommended them was wrong. God I was bored. Leading us to retreat to a bar, and drink. (me coke, still on detox) I got Jess to come find us, and we chatted bollocks as ever.

THEN… I got very excited at realised Kate Nash was playing the festival! We got together, along with Bailey, west, Alex and Looey, and expected to walk to the front of an empty tent.

SO busy. Not even funny. A lot of people were clearing wanting some comedy value as well. So we sat outside the screen outside the main tent while I hid behind jess from the sun, which was now becoming so painful it was untrue! Being outside did mean that I caught a bit of Fall Out Boy though. Was too embarrassed to say I wanted go see them outright! Ha ha!

Kate Nash played, not that we saw, and we got bored of waiting for foundations, so didn’t stay. Everyone went to see Jamie T, apart from me and Stirling. I had promised to go see Jamie T to Alex, but after dragging Stirling to all the bands I wanted to see all day, I decided to go with him.

I was not disappointed.

I’ve seen prophet before, and they were ok. But I was blown away by how good they were. As Andy said, no replacement for knowing every song a band plays inside out!

They demanded that even people miles back beyond the screen jumped. And they did. Most people I’ve seen pogoing in my life! They only played Shinobi off fake sound unfortunately, but me and Andy went suitably mental for that!

We had decided before that we would meet at this ice cream van at 8, so andy went to get some noodles (idiot!) and I got a ‘jumbo’ hot dog… though the jumbo ness of it I’d like to argue with, and said we’d meet there. We were not aware of the ridiculous gridlock around the ice cream van at the time. I managed to find bailey and west, and then had to spend 10 minutes on baileys shoulders looking through the gridlock for Scurr and Andy, took a while but we did find them.

The only thing on at this time was Nine Inch Nails. Fuck that, was the general feeling. So we went and got drinks by the bar by the main stage. I heard NIN, but only recognised Closer. They didn’t make me want to stand up and actually watch them at any point.

We then started out first chat tent of the festival. Got these two random girls to come sit with us while we played ‘festival questionnaire’ which involved asking questions, and making people buzz in with answers. I also broke the 2 new girls hearts by telling them that Hypno dog, who came to my uni in my first year, but was also at the festival, was completely fake. As I had been hypnotised, and faked it all. As my friends who were up there with my also admitted to.

The most entertaining thing was them trying to guess our names. They came from Cambridge, and for some reason I thought they’d be intelligent due to this. Apparently not.

Begins with an a…

Err… Alex? Archie???

No it’s Scottish!


…err… no… begins with an A!!

They thought baileys name was Caesar after being told it was Latin, and upon getting Ben, and being told to elongate it with what we had but then didn’t thought his name was ‘Bendingdong’

Anyway, that killed some time before the main event of the weekend. The Smashing Pumpkins!!

Me, Jess and Andy went to find Alex and Looey, who had managed to get quite far forward and we watched.

Billy Corgan is a legend. Just a legend. Amazing musician and great voice. They played a few tracks, including Today and Zero, when the problem arose that the Klaxons were playing at the same time.

So I risked missing some of the song I wanted to hear to go with Andy and Jess to see them.

Klaxons were incredible though. SO busy, and everyone dancing their asses off. Neon lights everywhere, and general mayhem. Atlantis to interzone was great, and Golden Skans was epic. But after that I was itching to get back to the Pumpkins, so left Andy and Jess, and met back up with Alex and Looey. I got back just in time for an amazing acoustic version of 1979. I was gutted to be told that I had missed bullet with butterfly wings though.

Tonight, Tonight, was obviously mind blowing. Alex said she had chills through it, and I can’t blame her.

But that was it. The Pumpkins finished, and so did the music. The 3 of us met back up with Andy and jess outside the exit, and said our (not so) tearful goodbyes, but told them… same time next year!

Bands Seen:

Gym Class Heroes
Billy Talent
The Sunshine Underground
Cancer Bats
The Maccabees
Cold War Kids
Fall Out Boy
Kate Nash
Nine Inch Nails
Smashing Pumpkins

The whole weekend was awesome, and probably the best I’ve been to. The best band I saw was either Brand New, Pumpkins or Prophets.

Have solidified Andy as my drug/gig buddy, and met some awesome girls. The best news is that Jess actually goes to Uni in Reading, and the last thing she said was that we’ll get together end of September when she moves back, which I hope will happen.
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He's Convinced Himself Right In His Brain, That It Helps To Take Away The Pain... [Jun. 24th, 2007|12:46 am]
[feeling? |contentcontent]
[sound? |The Killers - Uncle Johnny]

Fucking Loving this weekend.

Went out and got belted last night with Stirling. Quality night in the Afterdark with a few random chats with random people, the majority of whom made me livid. But I love a good getting livid.

Stirling tells me he got 2 free tickets for the Community Shield at the new Wembley in August, and he is gonna pay for everything else seeing as he still owes me for the Bloc Party and +44 tickets I got him months ago.

Dave's secret was let out of the bag. We mourned the man down.

Woke this morning, got a greasy spoon and tarted about town all afternoon.

Dave showed me how to make a double bed out of our sofas, so I duvet and underweared it up, and watched:

Blade: Trinity - Ryan Reynolds goodness
Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Awesome 'shit fucking up' movie (HMV didn;t have my first choice Hills Have Eyes)
Austin Powers - Comedy Genius
Smoking Aces - Fucking awesome film, can't reccomend it enough.

Then chilled out late night watching the Killers at Glasto. Good set, love the Killers, and wished I was there, but still enjoyed watching Brandon rock out.

Now it's approaching bed timish.

IN a great mood :)
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(no subject) [Jun. 19th, 2007|07:13 pm]
Just started thundering and lightning here in Reading.

Been ages since I remember witnessing a good thunder storm, so decding to go out on my balcony to watch it.

I was noticing how close together the thunder and lightning were, showing that the lightning strikes were very close to where I was, when I realised I was stood on my completely metallic balcony, connected to all the other metallic balconies above me which go very high...

I decided I'd finish my fag quickly!
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(no subject) [Jun. 16th, 2007|11:02 pm]
I woke at 12.

I watched 2 Guys, A Girl, And a Pizza Place for 11 hours.

I went to sleep.

...what a day!
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