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So... I finally saw it. The Dark Knight. Given that I am not an… - Big Idea's From A Big Headed Person [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 31st, 2008|05:18 pm]
So... I finally saw it.

The Dark Knight.

Given that I am not an experienced journalist who people pay to read I'm fairly certain that there is nothing new I can say about this film, or anything that hasn't been said better, so all I'll say is:


Great plot, great effects, great script, and great god was Ledger awesome.

Really hope he gets the oscar he's already been touted for, he deserves it, regardless of whether he died or not. And unless Day Lewis or Depp bring out a film this year, I can't see any acting performance touching on that.

Awesome cinema we went too as well. The Gallery in Maidenhead, paid for by my company, where we received free unlimited soft drinks, popcorn and nachos, and had the back 2 rows with barca lounger chairs which were huge, and tables to put all our crap on. Glad I waited and saw it in style, though I fully expect to go watch it again this weekend.

Also got an iphone yesterday, and fuck me is that a genius piece of machinery. Was well annoyed when I broke my old phone (I am assuming due to paint getting in the buttons after answering the phone too many times with Joker make up on) but now I am fairly delighted!

Thankfully I am now completely over what was bugging me. Thanks to Mo, Andy and Scurr. I know who I cna rely on in life, even if all 3 of them are cunts :P lol