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[Nov. 13th, 2007|09:19 am]

Had an odd weekend.

Friday night consisted of the usual routine, head into town for about 8:30ish and get drunk.

Scurr wanted to go to the Pitcher and Piano to begin with as he was deprete for a white russian. I've never had one before and never will again.

Firstly, the round of 3 drinks cost Scurr £17. That'll teach him to crave anything other than wetherspoons watered down lager.

But more importantly, the drink had milk in it in some form. I have been incapable of drinking milk based alcohol for years. Not really sure why, can't remember a bad experience, just can't, to the point that the thought of the smell of bailey's makes me feel sick.

Anyway, after that the Oakford and O'Neills were hit.

Not being funny, but I know that we are all working now, and earning pretty good money, but that doesn't mean we need to only drink in places where you have to re-mortgage your house just to get a round in!

After drawing more money out we nostalgically went to the Monks.

God bless Wetherspoons.

Cheap drinks, and gaggle's of Uni frippette everywhere.

Felt like a paedo in a playground. Except of course they'd have been looked like the paedo in the situation. Despite my being almost 5 years older than uni freshers, and despite the facial hair I try to hide my youthful looks behind, i still look like my uni brothers younger brother he invited up for a night out with his uni mates.

But a shot in Old Orleans and yet another discussion about how my life is incomplete due to various films I haven't watched got me over it.

Listen guys. I've never seen any Rocky film, nor do I have any intention of watching any Rocky film. As much as watching that retard Stallone has seven shades of shit lumped out of him in a boxing ring appeals to me, it wouldn't be worth it to sit through an hour and a half of appalling acting, montages that are only made good by their soundtracks, and pointless boxing fights.

There is no way you can make a boxing fight look good in a film. As at the end of the day, it's just two guys punching eachother.

Lord of the Rings, Gladiator, the Matrix, these are films with good fight scenes. I seriously doubt Rocky is.

Anyway, as usually the afterdark was frequented. The place was also packed with uni women,uncharacteristically, and they played Mr Brightside, and I instinctively thought I was Brandon Flowers as usual.

Good night I guess, but I still left feeling pretty empty.

Saturday I had a band practice.

Everyone looked at me weird when I told them that, as everyone thought I had left JAH, which I kinda had.

Point is, it's my best mates from Uni I was in a band with, and a practice is a great excuse to meet up and see eachother again. Plus I hadn't played drums in ages so wanted to. I do love playing in a band though, even just in rehearshal room Something satisfying about playing a song in Stereo, with all the insutrments, rather than you just sitting at home and banging out a rendition of whatever song just on your guitar.

Practice was awesome though, thanfully the songs we play are fairly simple, so pretty hard to forget. But we aniled them all.

We only played 2 of our own songs though. Reason I got disillusioned in the first place was because all the other guys wanted to do was play covers, seems as if they wanted to be in a band just to tell people 'i'm in a band' and don't get me wrong, i loved telling people that, but I wanted to create music.

But I agreed with only playing 2 of our own on Saturday.

Geek Song I was never a huge fan of, was basically a filler.

Scared Of Girls nothing new about it, and basically rips of dammit by blink.

Only one I disgaree with is Pregnancy. I still think thats a great song, but I am happy to sacrifice it I guess. Which means I can't love it that much. Everyone know ITGU is my master piece anyway.

Reason I was so happy with the practice though, is that for the first time since Scared Of Girls, so 3 years ago, the guys liked, and wanted to learn a new song of mine.

We decided to have a jam session to write new stuff where I came out and got Genge's guitar, and he tried to come up with vocal lines. Had to choose carefully which song to try out, as I've got about 8 written they haven't heard, but I chose well.

Good thing was though, I showed them the main riff, and they loved it, then we kinda worked out other parts of the song together. Now I do have a complete song written, but it's so much better when we all have input on it. The song I had written was much faster and punkier, but it's now looking to be slower and more well written and involved I would say. Which I am delighted about.

Bad thing about practice was that it appears that my drum sticks were made of sandpaper. Well actually it;s been so long since I drummed that the natural resistance my hands built up to the wood friction has passed, and I now have 8 blisters on my hands. 4 of which popped during practice. My hands have been in agony ever since. Can't make fists, or touch anything. Brilliant.

Sunday saw a return to early morning football for me. I;d misssed the last 2 weeks, but last week my manager phoned me and told me that they were missing me on the pitch... obviously :P

So I returned to find I was on the bench. Livid. I, proceeded to very characteristically throw a hissy fit, and refused to linesman. Our manager was reffing, so Lewis was running the team, but then had to linesman. I had a bitch about not playing, he heard and had a go at me and told me that I wouldn't be coming on. I got changed and said fair enough, but don't expect me to turn up for Calcot again.

At half time, our manager took me aside and told me to ignore everything Lewis had said, he had wanted me to start and didn't know I wasn't till kick off, and that they needed me.

Was satisfying having all our players at some point during the first half coming over to the sidelines to ask Lewis what the fuck he was doing, Bambi is one of our best players, we need him.

I wish that was the biggest event of that match. But it wasn't.

Not sure how it started, but at half time Ginge and our managers wife got into a huge argument. It escalated. Quickly. Resuting in our manager Geoff, who is a HUGE bald guy, and Ginge has an actual fight. Punches were properly thrown, not properly landed thankfully.

But silver lining... it meant I came on at half time :P

However, 5 minutes into the first half, Josh fouled someone, Geoff gave a free kick, and Josh for some reason went off on one, called him a bald headed twat and to fuck off. Usually ref abuse you'd say? But what you don't know is Josh is Geoff's son!

Geoff walked off. We were refless. Thankfully someone came on and took over, but fairly entertaining having your ref walk off in a huff!

Oh, and I hit the post with a glancing header... one of the greatest moments of my life.

Oh... we lost 5-0 :D

So that was my odd weekend. I sometimes wish for a quieter life. But then I get one and I can complain :P


From: (Anonymous)
2007-11-14 09:59 pm (UTC)
It sounds like you should see Scarface.
Go mad and have a De Niro/Scorcese season while you're at it?

Amused to hear you got beat 5-0.
Ryan's team have gone 8 matches without a goal, and recent scores include 6-0 and 5-0.
They managed a 1-1 last Sunday [and a 3-0 but we've forgotten about that] and we celebrated like they had won the cup.
That's mini-soccer for you.....
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: isthisgrowingup
2007-11-17 11:43 am (UTC)
Seen Scarface. Got told 2 years ago I couldn't call myself a big film fan till I'd seen all the de niro/scorcese classics.

Wasn't a huge fan of Scarface though. Godfather was way better!

At least Ryan is playing footie... what posistion does he play?

And we alway celebrate a win like a world cup win!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2007-11-19 07:37 pm (UTC)
The fight sequences in Scarface are an exercise in cinematography, with each one handled a different way, and all of them classic. Probably the best boxing sequences ever filmed....
Ryan plays on the right wing. Was leading scorer with 5, but Sunday the main striker scored, putting him on 5 too. They drew 0-0 and 2-2. This is mini-soccer, so it's 7 a side and 10 minutes each way, no offside rule.
Training was supposed to move indoors tonight, but we got there and the gym was flooded! Here's hoping Ryan ends his goal drought next Sunday. and you , too!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2007-11-19 07:42 pm (UTC)
Of course when I say scarface, I actually mean "Raging Bull".
But you probably already knew that.
like you said, Scarface is ok, but...
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-11-14 10:00 pm (UTC)
Previous comment was from Nigel [too quick to click].
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